Fran Rosales

Understanding customer needs is the first step towards success. Alternative energy solutions can be intimidating and overwhelming to understand at first, but with Indigo’s professional advice and guidance you will feel you have made the right choice. The time to invest in alternative energy sources is NOW and we are here to help.

Colson Rivers

I want to understand my customers first. One size does not always fit all. The world of energy is changing, and I want to be your guide through it. I seek to assist my customers in thinking about their future by addressing current needs and creating reliable plans. Although there is more to it than just the numbers, I will work to find the best solution for every opportunity.

Blake Davis

At Indigo Energy, we pride ourselves on providing our customers and carriers with reliable, low-priced fuel supply. I collaborate with refiners and suppliers across the country to meet those goals for our customers and carriers. I enjoy building personal relationships throughout the industry that further Indigo Energy’s reputation of service into new markets and supply opportunities.

Lisa Stricklin

With 20 plus years in the industry, I have experience working across all functions from pipeline shipments, terminal inventory management, sales, pricing, contracts, billing, logistics, and motor fuel taxes. I work directly with the sales team to bring cohesiveness within our operations, putting our customers first.  My team strives to bring excellence to our customer’s experience with Indigo.