EV Charging Consulting

EV Charging Consulting

Ready to electrify your portfolio?

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Location Analytics

At Indigo Energy®, we use our industry experience and expertise alongside our software tools to perform a comprehensive demographic analysis for each location. The insights from this study are crucial for your future project.

Traffic Data

With partners and solutions spanning across the entire mobility ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to help you make an impact – whether you’re optimizing traffic flow with signal timing, improving curb usage, deploying autonomous vehicles or looking to expand your retail footprint.

Future Site Design

We start here, but where do we go? The initial design may often be sufficient to cover charging station demand for a couple years. Before demand rises, every location needs to have a plan in place. We can help you future-proof your investment.

Installation Quote

After a site survey by our expert team, we can more accurately quote the price of installation and finishing (paint, signs, protective measures). This step in the EV Charging Consulting process allows for previously estimated numbers to be refined and finalized.

How We Help

Overhead view of two EV charging parking spots

A commercial real estate group was looking to add charging stations to their properties, but they were not sure where to start. Indigo Energy® analyzed each property within their portfolio and categorized them according to their usage and ROI projections. As the suggested timelines pass, we can reassess and update the projections or get into more details with a particular property. Our goal is to bring together these clear analytics to supply our clients with information to make the best decision for their investments. Our experts at Indigo Energy® help our clients to plan for their properties through the industrial shift that is occurring towards more and more electric vehicles.

Consulting Services

Site Analysis

  • Location Analytics
  • Traffic Analytics
  • EV Adoption rate
  • Recommended equipment
  • Operational Cost Analysis
  • Charging Needs
  • ROI Projections

Site Design

  • Site Survey
  • Install Cost Quote
  • Initial Site Design
  • Future Site Design
  • Refined Equipment Recommendation
  • Updated ROI

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