Let the Sun Shine

Our solar offerings provide renewable energy, an important step towards a brighter future for the next generation of Americans. We understand the vital role that energy plays in our everyday lives, and we can help your business ensure you are never without power whether your utility can provide it, or not. Optimal solar power production begins with choosing experienced professionals who understand your business objectives.


Moving toward energy independence with solar power is now easier than ever. With the explosive growth of solar photovoltaics (PV) over the last decade, the cost to install solar energy systems has dropped by more than 73% and ROI payback periods are averaging just three to five years.


Today’s forward-thinking businesses are including solar PV technology as part of their comprehensive energy management strategy to reduce monthly utility expenses for decades to come.


Because of our established distribution system for a range of energy products, we can offer solar installation, engineering, and other energy management tools that commercial operations can use to reduce their electricity costs.


Business owners are choosing to invest in solar energy for a variety of reasons, which includes reducing operating costs. Solar installations are at an all-time high, while solar technology has proven to be extremely reliable and affordable.

How Solar Works

How Solar Works Diagram

Let the Sun Shine

How Solar Works
When solar panels are installed at your facility or building, the photovoltaic cells (PV) that make up the panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day. From there, an inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what your business utilizes. The AC electricity is then sent from the inverter to your electrical panel (the breaker box) to power your lights and equipment through the utilization of solar energy.


System Design & Engineering
With our in-house team of experts, we design the system to meet your needs by engineering the optimal solution for your building or property.


Financial Analysis
We run a financial analysis by using the information from your monthly utility bill and can show your overall cost, production, and ROI. We offer guidance on all available incentives and financing options to give you the best possible return on your investment.


Equipment Specs & Procurement
We work with only the highest rated equipment manufacturers, with the most favorable warranties, resulting in a reliable solar array with superior ongoing performance.


Energy Monitoring
Our proprietary PowerEnfo energy monitoring software tracks your renewable energy production and energy load usage. This helps to ensure you are getting the peak performance from your system and helps you manage your energy spend throughout your facility.


Turnkey Project Development
When you choose to work with us, we serve you from idea inception through project completion; there is no hand-off to another company. We are your one-stop partner.


Operations & Maintenance
Once the system is up and running, our team is here to make sure it’s producing the energy it was designed for via our property monitoring software and on-site inspections. Your first year of operations and maintenance is included for free, with an option to add additional years to keep your solar energy system operating at peak performance for the lifespan of your array.


Case Studies

  • Mingledorff’s
  • Winter 2018 Atlanta, GA

Mingledorff’s, a premier distributor of HVAC and Plumbing equipment throughout the Southeast, wanted to demonstrate their sustainability commitment while also reducing energy expenses. Indigo Solar provided full design, engineering, procurement and construction of a 100 kW DC rooftop system. Mingledorff’s is also equipped with our smart grid software to measure energy use in real-time, aggregate energy data to identify trends, and to avert unseen performance problems.

System Size: 100 kW DC

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