Fuel Supply

Fuel Supply

We Fuel Life™

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The products offered by Indigo Energy® touches every part of your life. From your children riding a school bus, to filling up your car while on vacation, to making sure generators and fuel tanks are full if a hurricane impacts your hometown, our petroleum products are part of your world. We want to be there not only as an essential service but to give you the assurance that what we do makes your life better.


But we don’t stop there. While our competition wants to simply fill your tanks, we are here to be your partner in business. Our solar and EV charging offerings can supplement your operations and provide lower operating costs, while also expanding your product offerings to the end-user.


Gas stations are very energy intensive, resulting in high ongoing operational costs. We can install solar arrays on your buildings as well as your canopies. This allows you to generate your own energy and pay less for energy use.


Whether you are a local fuel distributor / jobber, a commercial account with a fleet, an asset-based trucking company, municipality / government entity, or emergency service director, we’re here to be your go-to resource for fuel.

Dayton K-1 & ULSK terminal

When the thermostat plummets, you need kerosene. In many parts of the country, kerosene is essential for home heating and to prevent diesel gelling. Indigo Energy® owns and operates a strategically located K-l and ULSK terminal to supply many of these areas. Contact us today to make sure you are prepared for winter. The Dayton kerosene terminal is open for on-demand supply as well as product delivery to you.

Emergency Response Fuel

Our experienced team can provide tanker staging, portable tanks, and other options during emergencies.

You need fuel to run your business. Therefore, you need to be ready when the unexpected happens. Hurricanes, tornados, flooding, and pipeline disruptions can cut off your fuel supply and leave you wondering what to do next. We lower your risk and ensure fuel is available to keep your business operating. Our primary and alternate supply points and transportation network provide you with fuel even under the most difficult circumstances.

We can also provide a truck with driver for your site to provide your vehicles or equipment with fuel during hurricanes or other weather-related emergencies. We can continuously monitor your generator’s fuel tanks or your equipment and vehicles to guarantee that they do not run out of fuel. This is a benefit when there are shelter-in-place orders or barriers to prevent a truck and driver from getting to you such as flooding or roads being closed.

Fuel Reclamation

We can remove old inventory, using mobile, state of the art, high-speed loading equipment, sell it for you, and initiate tank cleaning services. We can assist with No. 2 oil (high and low sulfur), heavy oils (No. 4, 5, 6), other burner fuel, jet fuel, used oil, recycled oil, and off-spec fuel streams.

Indigo Energy® offers complete project management for the safe removal and sale of existing diesel fuel inventory, flexible market pricing options (indexed or fixed) yielding best possible sales economics, and tailored project timeline to minimize client and community impact.

Our focus on plant safety, efficiency and minimal community impact sets us apart from our competitors. Utilizing proprietary, patented fuel loading equipment, Indigo Energy® provides unmatched safety and redundancy features. We have the flexibility to load trucks, tanker cars and barges. Our program is reliable and field-driven, achieving the highest possible economic return for our customers.

Generator Fuel

Through a nationwide partnership, we can provide generators, a fueling program, as well as service and maintenance. If a power outage occurs, you could suffer a costly downtime. We can provide critical generators and generator refueling to hospitals, data centers, airports, financial services, retailers, warehouses, schools, construction sites, and communication centers. We not only offer generator rentals, but we can provide service and maintenance for this equipment. Don’t leave your company at risk during unpredictable events: let us help.

Risk Management

Tired of someone telling you the same old ideas? We have a fresh approach of innovative solutions that are simply better for you. In addition to emergency generator fueling and fuel reclamation, we can tailor a program that meets any set of needs and budget.

Petroleum Products

  • Conventional gasoline
  • Reformulated gasoline
  • Ethanol gasoline (E10, E15, E85)
  • All grades of diesel—MGO, winterized, dyed available
  • Kerosene
  • Jet fuel


  • Ethanol
  • Renewable Diesel
  • Biodiesel

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

  • Evaluate and present DEF solutions that fit your fleet’s existing fuel infrastructure.
  • Ensure reliable supply and delivery through a diversified supplier network.
  • Ability to deliver in bulk, totes, drums or gallon jugs.