Dayton Terminal

Dayton Terminal

Dayton Terminal/Kerosene

When the thermostat plummets, you need kerosene. In many parts of the country, kerosene is essential for home heating and to prevent diesel gelling. Indigo Energy owns and operates a strategically located K-l and ULSK terminal to supply many of these areas. Contact us today to make sure you are prepared for winter.


  • Open with driver carding 24/7
  • Two loading lanes with 450 gallons per minute load rate capability
  • 24-hour site monitoring
  • Civacon Overfill Protection System in place

We Listen and Deliver

Indigo Energy wants to be your fuel supplier. From large Fortune 500 companies to your local gas station, Indigo Energy treats every customer with the same personalized attention. We provide fueling solutions to keep you and your customers filled up and on the go. We energize life.

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